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Hide Files On Android Without Using Any Apps II

Method 2
Since the above method is not working in some new android smart phones especially on Kitkat and later.For those try Method 2. This method is nothing but simply adding a “.nomedia” file in the folder where we are hiding the files. So the folder with “.nomedia” file will be hidden from the gallery.

Now what is “nomedia” file? — “nomedia” file is simply a file with an extension “.nomedia”,like video files have “.3gp”,”.mp4″ or “.mkv” extension.

1. Like above method move the files you want to hide into a newly created folder in File Manager.This time move one useless image with them too.

Here you can see that an extra image file “blaa file.jpg” with files i want to hide.

2. In this step we are going to create our “nomedia” file. Now rename your unwanted file to “.nomedia”.

Don’t forget to erase full name along with extension. And save it. Now File Manager will ask permission to change file extension,then hit “OK”. See example below.My unwanted file was “blaa file.jpg”,then I renamed it to “.nomedia”.

3. And you successfully hide your files from gallery,go and check.If files are still visible there,reboot your device. If you want to unhide your files just rename “.nomedia” file to some to some other file extension or delete the file

So that’s it. These are the two simplest ways to hide files on Android without using any apps. If you are facing any problem or know some other methods to hide files, then please come to comment section.

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