The Telegram 8.2 update adds more features to Group and Channel admins

Telegram has recently released their latest update for Android and iOS. It comes with a host of other features, mainly Hyper-Speed ​​Scrolling and Calendar View for Shared Media and requests to join a group.

Interchangeable media with high speed scrolls

Almost every user has unlimited cloud storage and each chat has a separate section for the media you share in the telegram. This new update adds a new date bar on one side of the page, allowing you to move faster through shared media. To do this, touch one point on the bar and drag it up or down. You can also enlarge the size of the media display with your fingertips or touch “zoom in” “zoom out” for clearer views.

Display in a shared media calendar

A new calendar has been added to expedite the search for the photo or video we want through the above shared media. It can be opened by the three dots in the upper right corner (…) or by touching the date bar on the right side of the media page. Then from that menu you can choose whether to display only photos or videos on the media page. After selecting it, you can see all the photos or videos related to the day by touching on the date you want in the calendar.

Joining Requests for Groups and Channels

elegram user You can now set up special invite links for groups and channels. You can decide whether to share the link privately or as a QR code. With the new update, we have added a new feature that allows anyone to add to the invite link we create only with the approval of its admins. If you are a zoom user, we can see this as an improvement on the waiting room feature.

The admin can view users who have requested to join your group via this invite link by clicking on the panel at the top of the relevant chat, and the admin will be able to view the user’s general data (profile picture and bio) before accepting or rejecting them.

Special names for Invite Link

Now any group settings can give specific options for invite links that are only visible to admins. Giving specific names to a link can be more organized, and if you use options such as time limits, number of usage, etc. for your link, it is more important to use alternative names.

Global Themes for iOS app

The last update to the Telegram app, which was previously released, brought eight new color themes for personal conversations. But this update has opened those 8 chat themes so that the entire app can only be implemented for iOS. Each theme has day and night (Dark mode and Light mode) and has a colorful animated background. The settings section has been redesigned to make it easier to select themes and you can do so easily under Appearance> Chat Themes.

Migration times for the location you share on iOS

This feature lets you know how fast your friend can get to your destination on foot, by car, by motorbike or by public transport through the location shared by Telegram. Touch on travel time for extra activity like showing him details about a short route. This will then open in an application of your choice (such as Google Map …). This will also show you how long it will take to meet you and your friend.

Another enhancement to shared media for iOS

Usually when we add media to a previously typed message, that text is not added to the media. In this case we have to retype it and add it to the caption. But this time the update will automatically add text to a previously typed message as a caption when adding media.

New interactive emoji

As you know, in addition to the Interactive Emoji introduced in the previous update, several other such emojis have been released in this update as well. (👻, 👎, 🤮, 😂, 💸 and 🎃) Touching on these emojis now enables animation to affect the entire screen. Also, if the chat of the other person you are talking to is open, they will also see this animation

The Telegram 8.2 update adds more features to Group and Channel admins

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